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LEDERHAAS Cosmetics stands for exclusive quality and the highest level of purity, fascinating fragrances, sensuality and elegance. The premium cosmetics and exquisite fragrance creations are composed with care and expertise from selected raw materials, fair trade ingredients, precious essences and natural oils in the Vienna Creative Lab.

For LEDERHAAS, nature is a teacher, a designer and a master of design. For LEDERHAAS, dealing with the skin is not a business with the surface, but work on the depth. For LEDERHAAS, the skin is part of the body and soul. It is a reflection of evolutionary events and individual experiences, a place of history and stories. The smile, as a sign of joy and happiness, the scar, as a trace of injury, is written into the skin in the same way as the food we eat, the sleep we may lack or a word that says to us was judged. For Lederhaas, nature is a teacher of sustainability in form and content.

Their concepts inspire us, their raw materials convince us. Cultural works remind LEDERHAAS what it is really about when we produce and use cosmetic products. Nature teaches us to use the building blocks of the natural kingdoms to compose sophisticated and effective natural cosmetics that address body and mind, soul and senses holistically. For LEDERHAAS, ecology, economy, social issues and aesthetics belong together: because good design combines the good with the beautiful.

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