HAECKELS Kelp Bioferment Serum




A moisturising gel made with fermented sea kelp that helps soothe and hydrate skin. This Kelp Bioferment is rich in postbiotics and polysaccharides that moisturise your skin and encourage a healthy skin microbiota.

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A postbiotic moisturiser that hydrates while encouraging healthy skin microbiota. Kelp Bioferment contains a lactobacillus fermentation of Laminaria digitata (Kelp). Microbes enzymatically cleave algal polysaccharides to increase their bioavailability, allowing Haeckels to access the benefits of the natural moisturising properties of the seaweed.

This formula provides natural hydration, and combined with the antioxidant properties of the kelp ferment filtrate, Kelp Bioferment can help to soothe and moisturise the skin.


how to use:

Apply a few drops to a clean face morning and evening before or after application of Algae Plump + B3 or Eco Marine Cream.



Lactobacillus / Laminaria digitata (Kelp) ferment filtrate, Xanthan gum, Benzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, Glycerin, Sorbic acid



Haeckels exists as an amplifier of the natural world and as a community problem solver. They are driven by trying to solve the waste problem – be that through their use of waste natural resources in their products, or presenting packaging solutions to the community that are fully recyclable or compostable. They use seaweed as the base for all of their products. That seaweed is picked by hand in Margate, UK. Why seaweed? Seaweed hydrates; it’s rich with valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids; it’s anti-bacterial, skin rebuilding and anti-inflammatory; it’s all-natural, and all around. Under licence, Haeckels harvest it by hand from the beach just steps away from their shop. What drives Haeckels forward is doing things differently and always evolving. What started in Margate is now sold the world over. Haeckels is afraid to stand still. Everything they do has to have a reason to exist whilst honouring an ocean first philosophy.

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