My journey

Atelier Zoe has evolved from a long-held passion for skincare…

Born to a Dutch mother and an English father and raised in London, I have been a skincare obsessive for as far back as I can remember. As a child I was captivated by my mother’s daily skincare rituals and in my teenage years I suffered from very problematic skin, applying all manner of things to my face in the pursuit of a perfect complexion.  I went on to study and qualify as a skincare/beauty professional and when I moved to Australia, I discovered a more holistic approach to skincare and really began to understand the importance of skin health from the inside out.

After returning to the UK, I started a blog that focused on skincare and wellbeing; understanding that the beauty industry can be an overwhelming space sometimes, I wanted to help guide people through the maze of products and arrive at a place where they were not only more confident about their skincare choices, but also where they could see the rewards of establishing simple but effective skincare and wellbeing practises. (The blog is taking a well-deserved rest for now…)

My journey has provided me the opportunity to try all manner of formulas, products and treatments and, to establish the ones that really work, as well as understanding the positive impact that a more natural approach to skincare can have on your overall health and wellbeing.

With all this is mind and with an emphasis on sustainability and the environment, Atelier Zoë was born – a place where my passion and experience has enabled me to select some of the best artisan, natural and organic beauty and wellbeing brands available and, where I can help guide you through your own journey to great skin health and wellbeing.

Alongside these carefully selected brands, Atelier Zoë also offers the very best in LED Light Therapy using the Healite II from Lutronic – a treatment that uses light energy (red and near infra red) and that delivers multiple benefits to both your skin and your overall health.

I look forward to joining you on your journey…


Atelier Zoë has put together some of the best artisan, natural and organic beauty and wellbeing brands available; brands such as Mukti, Oio Lab, AERScents, Modern Botany, Ancient+Brave, Depuravita and MODM to name a few. Brands whose mission to deliver efficacious formulas and practices is equally as important as their focus on sustainability and the environment.

By providing skincare and wellbeing consultations and introducing LED Light Therapy, Atelier Zoë aims to bring simplicity and efficacy to your skincare and wellbeing practices and help guide you through your own journey to great skin health.

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At Atelier Zoë, we recognise that your overall wellbeing and the health of your inner body has a huge influence on the health of your skin, which is why we take a holistic approach to your skincare and wellbeing.

It’s not just about what you put on your skin but also about how you apply it and, what you put in your body too.

So, in addition to some of the best natural and organic skincare brands, we also offer you a range of products including supplements, beauty tools and advice to support your overall wellbeing, as well as your skin health.