DEPURAVITA Heal Refill 60 caps


This is a refill pack of 60 caps for DEPURAVITA Heal Probiotic

60 caps

Heal is a symbiotic booster formulated to foster healthy gut flora and get your body back on track. This wellness supplement brings together two key ingredients: the first, bacillus coagulans, is a powerful spore-forming probiotic in a daily dose of 20 billion CFU aimed at replenishing the body’s microbiome to improve intestinal health and minimize bloating; the second is partially hydrolysed guar gum developed in Japan, a prebiotic derived from a legume that is a water soluble dietary fiber found to maintain proper digestion and microflora balance. Together, this robust prebiotic + probiotic blend of natural substances improves immunity and has a positive impact on creating a balanced microbiome.

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This is a refill pack of 60 caps for DEPURAVITA Heal Probiotic


Restore the balance in your body


Heal is a symbiotic booster formulated to foster healthy gut flora and get your body back on track.

When it comes to probiotics, Bacillus Coagulans reigns supreme as the queen of digestion, immunity, and skin health. While many probiotics on the market will not survive the journey through the stomach to the digestive tract, Bacillus Coagulans is different. Multiple studies have found that this highly efficacious strain is spore-forming, meaning it’s able to withstand the acidic environment of the stomach and reach the digestive tract. There, it germinates, growing healthy bacteria that aid digestion, reduce bloating, support the metabolism, boost immunity, and nourish the skin.


The Indian Guar prebiotic, extracted from a legume grown in arid fields western India, is one of the most soluble forms of fibre in existence and will help regulate your digestion and offset spikes in your appetite. PHGG Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum, have been researched to instantly increase the diversity of your good bacteria. Simple soluble fibre formula, fertilizer for your good bacteria.


how to use:

Take 2 pills in the morning before breakfast.



Partially Hydrolysed Guar Gum; Bacillus coagulans (MTCC 25102); Shell: Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose




Depuravita. The well-being that comes from nature. Depuravita is committed to creating an effective range of food supplements in the form of powders, infusions, capsules and chocolates for longevity and pro skin health. This holistic approach to health and beauty refers to ancient and proven practices of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Scandinavian traditions. All of this receives the support of an incessant and meticulous research to find the most sustainable and beneficial superfoods to strengthen the body and solve specific problems related to the aging process. Our focus is on the overall well-being of the individual, with the aim of giving him a healthy and beautiful appearance and a body in full strength and vitality. “Our challenge is to combine traditional medicine with natural and tested ingredients to improve people's wellbeing. A healthy and beautiful outward appearance is achieved by taking care of your body from the inside ". "We consider health priority, beauty comes later. We aim to create the perfect synergistic blend of natural ingredients, all according to a rigorously sustainable approach. We research and test the selected substances without discounts, making sure that every single ingredient has a significant impact on our body".

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