VEMEL Bamboo + Cotton Cleansing Cloths


Cleansing Cloths | Set of 3


For ultimate daily results use these finely woven soft cloth alongside any cleansing balm. Gently lift away daily grime whilst stimulating circulation. Machine washable.

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Use these Organic Bamboo and Cotton Face cloths with your cleanser to gently lift away daily grime whilst stimulating circulation. They are machine washable so they will help reduce your waste.


how to use:

Gently lift away daily grime whilst stimulating circulation.



The whole ethos of Vemel is based around honesty. Vemel want to help consumers make a conscious choice towards reducing their chemical intake and they are committed to using only the purest, most potent food grade ingredients. With you in mind, Vemel designed their labels to be simple, clear and transparent. Vemel is both gender and age neutral to be used freely by the whole family. All of Vemel's products are mildly scented only with raw natural ingredients. Vemel strongly believes that perfumes have no place in skin care. “So why don’t we use natural essential oils,” you may ask? Working alongside leading industry assessors they have decided to say “NO” to the use of essential oils in all formulations as they are regarded as being skin irritants that can lead to allergic reactions.

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